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Alan Ford, by Roberto Raviola.
  • Alan Ford site - Alan Ford by Magnus and Max Bunker. You can read more about this popular Italian comic character at Alessandro Martinelli's page (in Italian).
  • Croatian Alan Ford site - Alan Ford by Magnus i Max Bunker now presented on Croatian web site. A list of all Alan Ford titles included.
  • Croatian Alan Ford Page - Alan Ford by Magnus i Max Bunker now presented on Croatian web site. A list of all Alan Ford titles included.
  • Asterix, by Rene Goscinny and Andre Uderzo.
  • Asterix page - One of the best overview pages of Asterix on the web are made by Stephane Riviere (in French).
  • Asterix Annotations - Asterix Annotations by Ron Dippold.
  • Asterix sites on the Web - See more Asterix related sites.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Anton Frank (in German).
  • Asterix - Pages made by Derrick De Kerckhove.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Finn Bjørklid.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Kjetil Svendsen (in Norwegian).
  • Asterix - Pages made by Kimmo Lakoma.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Leonie Dreschler-Fischer.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Marcel Knol.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Miguel Carrier (in French).
  • Asterix - Pages made by Mukund Mohan.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Nicolai Langfeldt.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Teemu Mäkinen.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Tetsu Takekoshi.
  • Asterix - Pages made by Toon.
  • Batman
  • Batman (DC Comics) - Batman (by DC Comics) resources on
  • Batlympus - Worship those all-knowing, all-seeing detities of the DC universe!
  • Endless Dark Knight - Ongoing sci-fi story written/directed by his fans. Vote on story direction, post your own story additions, Batman/DC Comics links & archive of other Dark Knight stories.
  • Knight Quest - Searchable database on post-crisis Batman and related comics.
  • Bloom County - Bloom County on the

  • Blueberry - Page about Blueberry by Jean Giraud (Moebius) in French.
  • Blueberry page - Sebastien Sauzay's Blueberry page (in French).
  • Blueberry page - Blueberry page by Gert Beumer with many images.
  • Buddy Longway - Buddy Longway by Derib: Gert Beurmer has a page about this western comic.
  • Cocco Bill Hilarious cowboy stories by Benito Jacovitti. Read something about the artist (in Italian).
  • Comanche A western comic by Greg, Hermann and Rouge. Visit the page made by Gert Beumer.

    Corto Maltese
  • Corto Maltese - Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt page made by Bruno Devoir.
  • Corto Maltese - Web page about Corto Maltese in Finnish.
  • Corto Maltese page - Web page about Corto Maltese by Gabriel Portos-Minetti (in Spanish).
  • Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, by Frank Hampson and others
  • Dan Dare - Roy Maclean information supplies about this British science fiction comic.
  • Dan Dare page
  • Eagle page - Andrew Paul's page about Dan Dare.
  • Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future - Excellent page about Dan Dare and Frank Hampson, his author, presented by Jack Lupic.
  • Flash Gordon - A legendary SF classic comic strip by Alex Raymond.
  • Nathan Never - Italian Sci-Fi comic hero Nathan Never by Sergio Bonelli Editore
  • Prince Valiant - A legendary adventure comic strip by Harold R. Foster.

    Tarzan, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  • Tarzan - Official Web page dedicated to Tarzan and other works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also includes links to Project Guttenberg Tarzan novel titles and info about ERB memorial park.
  • Tarzan on HiES - Excellent' page on this web site dedicated to Tarzan, romantic and adventure comic strip hero.
  • Scarlet Speedster, The - Devoted to DC Comics' Modern Age Flash, Wally West. Includes synopses of issues and storylines, character information, and more!
  • Supergirl - The story of the original Supergirl from DC Comics as well as her current incarnation in the shape shifter Matrix.
  • Zagor - A legendary italian adventure comic strip by Nolita and G. Ferri. Lots of interesting stuff about Zagor Te-Nej, his friends and foes and many, many pics!

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