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  • HiES Web Comic Strip Gallery - See how you can exhibit your artwork on HiES, the leading Croatian Web Comics site.

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  • Angoulême, France / Museum of the Comic Strip (a branch of the Louvre)
  • Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art
  • Cartoonists Guild of Great Britain
  • CartooNet (European cartoonist information)
  • Comic Strip Festival of Brussels
  • HiES - Hrvatska interaktivna Enciklopedija Stripa - Awarded and leading Croatian web comics site, dedicated to comic strips & comic strip art.
  • Fano Funny Humor carnival home page An Italian web site dedicated to humor and funny cartoons. They also organize international humor award contest. Recomended!
  • Federation of European Cartoonists Organizations (FECO)
  • Finnish Comics Society, an excellent site, well worth a visit
  • PROfiles / Database of Finnish Comics Artists
  • Helsinki Comics Festival Information
  • Italian Cartoonists Society, Anonima Fumetti
  • Premio Satira Politica (International Political Satire Festival/Italy/Lucca Festival)
  • Seriejournalen / The Guild of Professional Comics Artists in Denmark
  • European Comics on the Web - Erik Tong Kim Sang's long list
  • Le Coin BD, a good Euro-comic book reference in French, with French links
  • BD Zone -- Euro-comics indices in English and French
  • BD Paradisio, French e-zine about comics and their creators
  • La Huevera - a Spanish cartoon magazine
  • Anonima Fumetti - Italian Comics & Cartoonists - Send messages to more than 500 Italian authors. And find bibliographies, news, links etc.


  • Comic Net - An Internet magazine which focuses on the Swiss Comics scene, featuring news about comics, a list of important events related to comics, a market place and more.


  • Fanhunter - Un comic creado por Cels Pińol, cuyo origen es el fanzine KIUSAP, CO.

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