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  • 3 Guys Who Draw - Cartoons, Silly Features, and portfolio samples from John Blair Moore, Larry Nolte and Roy Smith, Cartoonist/Illustrators ready for the next century.
  • Anonima Fumetti - Italian Comics & Cartoonists - Send messages to more than 500 Italian authors. And find bibliographies, news, links etc.
  • Cagle, Daryl - Comics covering a variety of topics, including Star Trek and Rush Limbaugh.
  • Cartoonists Northwest - Association of professional and amateur cartoonists with membership open to anyone interested in cartooning.
  • Comics Pride project - Comic book industry professionals: sign up for our database of people willing to volunteer to promote comics. This way, when someone has a good idea, we can find you.
  • Feldman, Denis - An interview with Dennis Feldman for Dark Horse.

    Foster, Harold R.
  • Harold Foster - Web pages about work of Harold Foster presented by Howard Simpson.
  • HiES featuring Harold R. Foster - HiES' page dedicated to the legendary adventure comic strip author.
  • Hampson, Frank - Nicholas Hill's web pages about Dan Dare and the Artwork of Frank Hampson.

    Hogarth, Burne
  • Burne Hogarth - Page dedicated to Burne Hogart by National Cartoonists Society.
  • In Memoriam - Burne Hogarth - HiES' Web page dedicated to the legendary comic strip author.
  • Hughes, Adam - An interview with Adam Hughes for Dark Horse.
  • Jacovitti, Benito Pictures made by this Italian artist.
  • Jean-Michel Charlier page - Page by Sebastien Sauzay dedicated to Jean-Michel Charlier (in French).

    Jean Giraud (Moebius)
  • French interview with Moebius
  • Page about Jean Giraud
  • Moebius - Text about Moebius from Wired (by Mark Frauenfelder).
  • Moebius French interview with Moebius.
  • Moebius page - Moebius page by Bruno Bellamy.

  • Kordej, Igor
  • Igor Kordej Interview - An interview with Igor Kordej for Dark Horse.
  • Igor Kordej - Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: Mugambi, by Igor Kordej and Darko Macan.
  • Kotas, Karl - Underground cartoons, fanzines, paintings, etc.
  • Kubert, Joe - An interview with Joe Kubert for Dark Horse.

    Macan, Darko
  • Darko Macan - Dark Horse X-Wing series written by Darko Macan.
  • Darko Macan - Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: Mugambi, by Igor Kordej and Darko Macan.
  • Miller, Frank
  • Frank Miller - Writer and cartoonist.
  • Frank Miller
  • Frank Miller Art Gallery - A collection of all of Frank Miller's art which could be found on the Internet.
  • Manara, Milo - Entirely dedicated to the great Italian cartoonist Milo Manara, produced and updated with his direct collaboration.
  • Marusic, Josko - Croatian well known artist and cartoonist.

    Maurovic, Andrija
  • Andrija Maurovic's work before WWII - Web page dedicated to the legendary Croatian and world famous cartoonist.
  • Andrija Maurovic's work after WWII - Web page dedicated to the legendary Croatian and world famous cartoonist.
  • NFFC, The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts - NFFC provides its members with information and events geared to enhance their enjoyment Disneyana.

    Pratt, Hugo
  • Hugo Pratt - Visit Teemu Mäkinen's Pratt page.
  • Hugo Pratt Article by Marco Feo (in Italian).
  • Hugo Pratt page - Page made by Vincent Genot (in French).
  • Quickdraw Animation Society - Non-profit, artist-run film production co-op dedicated to the production of independent animation and the appreciation of all types of animation.
  • Radilovic, Jules - Legendary Croatian and world's famous cartoonist.
  • Raymond, Alex - Web page dedicated to the legendary American cartoonist, author of Flash Gordon, Rip Kirby ...
  • Shirow, Masamune - An extended interview with Masamune Shirow for Dark Horse.
  • Simon, Joe - Authorized site of the first editor of Marvel Comics and co-creator of Captain America and many more comic book classics!
  • Sonoda, Kenichi - An interview with Kenichi Sonoda for Dark Horse.
  • Zezelj, Danijel - Web zine dedicated to prominent Croatian comic artist Danijel Zezelj.
  • Williamson, Al - Devoted to the last great adventure strip artist.

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