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  • Logomancy Comics and Art Online - Some of the art and comics appearing online at Logomancy BBS, as well as events listings for the National Museum of the American Indian, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and other sites.
  • The Comic Art and Graffix Galery - The comic art and graffix galery. Virtual museum and encyclopedia.
  • Four Color Images Inc. - News from Manhattan's Comic Gallery. Including Dave McKean, John Bolton, Jon J. Muth, and many more.

    Grupe i udruge

  • Art Comics - Daily Comics syndicate featuring comic strips created six days a week for the Internet. Also produces online comic books.
  • Cartoonists Northwest - Association of professional and amateur cartoonists with membership open to anyone interested in cartooning.
  • CHAOS - CHAOS by Brian Shuster.
  • Comics Page - Comics Page Web site.
  • Comics Pride project - Comic book industry professionals: sign up for our database of people willing to volunteer to promote comics. This way, when someone has a good idea, we can find you.
  • Dark Horse - Official server of the Dark Horse publishing company.
  • DC Comics - DC Comics' web site featuring weekly original programming, digital DC trading cards, new comic books, Superman Radio episodes and more.
  • King Features Syndicate - This Web-site represents world's biggest comic strip distribution company.
  • National Cartoonists Society - The first American society of professional cartoonists. NCS celebrates 50 years of its continuous and exciting work.
  • United Features Syndicate - Web pages of one of the world's most famous comic strip distribution companies.


  • Animaniacs Comics Kompendium - The complete reference to the Animaniacs comic book, published by DC Comics with tče official blessing of the folks at Warner Brothers who make the cartoon series.
  • Amalgam Comics - The one-shot comics released by DC and Marvel Comics! It has continuing stories based on the comics, and lots of pictures!
  • Comic Journal, The (Fantagraphic Books) - One of the leading magazines in comic strip industry. Site is also dedicated to other comic stuff from Fantagraphic Books.
  • Farcus - Hilarious newspaper comic, Farcus online, Daily color cartoon laughs, postcards, 2-week archive, plus chats with creators Waisglass and Coulthart. Syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate.

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  • Carol Simpson Labor Cartoons - Every week we fire off cartoons aimed at America's corporate establishment and its wholly owned subsidiary the U.S. Government.
  • Cartoons - Cartoons is America's premier All-Cartoon Band. Stay Web-tuned each week for a fresh episode in the lives of our Rock and Roll Heroes.
  • Comics du Jour - Fresh daily comic strips.
  • Comic Relief - Comic relief brings you a variety of humor, laughter; comics from famous cartoonists. A new cartoon everyday.
  • DC Comics Title Chronology - A complete publishing history of DC Comics' periodic comic titles.
  • Double Click - This comic is printed in the small student engineering newsletter The Bruin Engineer Lite at UCLA.
  • Dross Comics - Dope comics by Drew Ross look to create a fountain-head of underground comics on the Web.
  • Fizban's Guide to DC Comics - An ever-growing source for info, pics, and links on the characters and events of the DC Universe.
  • Hype Comic Cafe - Comic news, reviews, gossip, comic related polls and new weekly comic book releases.
  • Comics Zone, The - Dedicated to covering the finest of the Kansas City comic scene.


  • All WebComics - The world largest collection of inlined comics. Come here and get your laugh of the day.
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Protecting the Comic Industry's right to free speech.
  • Comics Chat - Talk about materials, art supplies, tips and technique, all geared toward the needs of the creator of comic strips.
  • Comics Sketches Central - Sketches done by comic book writers and artists have been scanned in and modified for this page.
  • ComicsWorld - Comprehensive resource on comics and the comic industry.
  • Girls in the Comics - Girls in the contemporary comics.
  • Moore Ink Productions - Inker on RUNE and many other Malibu Comics, offers his opinions, techniqes and other interesting aspects of inking in the comic industry.
  • Voices For Children - A non-profit child abuse anthology, featuring works by some of the comic industry's top talents!
  • Wisenheimer's WWW Board - Meeting place for cartoonists from around the world.

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