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Celebrating 100 years of comic strips and 60 years of comic strips in Croatia

Comic Strips in Croatia Before WWII

Comic Strips in Croatia After WWII

The First Adventure Comic Strip

Burne Hogarth,

SF classics:
Flash Gordon

Tarzan of the Apes

n the beginning, this web site was dedicated to the couple of unusual anniversaries; 100 years of comic strips and 60 years of comic strips in Croatia. But it outgrew my first ideas and aspirations. Now, this bunch of 100+ web pages is dedicated to the everyone in love with the comic strip art. And the purpose of this web-site is far more to reach – in this way we call upon our minds the generations of all cartoonists & comic artists who unselfishly engaged themselves in creating the body of work of extraordinary imagination, the everlasting spring of inspiration for the generations to come.

I hope this web site will encourage young authors, cartoonists, writers, critics and laymen to contribute in creating much richer comic strip tradition, both in the Croatia and the whole world.


Anniversary pages

History of Croatian Comics, part one and two. This article talks about the first Croatian comic strip issued in 1935 and it briefly describes all the major events in the Croatian comic strip history from 1935 till mid seventies. Many pictures and illustrations included.

The First Adventure Comic Strip. Highly readable and very interesting article about the twenties and thirties, when the realistic adventure comic strip appeared, thus blessing the whole history of cartooning. Many pictures and illustrations included.

In memoriam, Burne Hogarth. Whenever a great artist passes away, we feel the emptiness and loss in our hearts. Burne Hogarth was undoubtely one of the greatest comic strip and visual artist of our time.

SF Classics: Flash Gordon. A popular hero of the American newspaper comics and his creator, Alexander Raymond, deserved their special place on this Web pages.

Tarzan of the Apes. Worldwide famous and legendary comic hero of the adventure comics. Tarzan is an universal icon of high adventure and unbounded human spirit, of everlasting human thirst for freedom ...

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